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The firm is dealing as intermediary for sales of Scientific, Technical, Laboratory, Hospital, Clinical, Medical and Electro-medical research equipments. The Products are being supplied to our customers on specific order basis. The firm is mainly dealing with following Multinationals

Sole Agency

Company Website Details
Bioengineering www.bioengineering.ch Read More
Hettich www.hettichlab.com Read More
Ohaus www.ohaus.com Read More
S.G. Waters - Siemens Group www.sgwater.de Read More
Shellab www.shellab.com Read More
Systec www.systec-lab.ch Read More
Hamilton www.hamiltonglass.co.uk Read More
Arctiko www.arctiko.com Read More
Biocom Direct www.biocomdirect.com Read More
Tomy Digital Biology www.tomytech.com Read More
Micros www.micros.at Read More


Company Website Details
Slamed www.slamed.de
J.P. Selecta www.grupo-selecta.com
IKA www.ika.net
Jencons www.jencons.co.uk
Kinematica www.kinematica.ch
3B Scientific www.3bscientific.com
Optima www.optimajp.com/